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Tyler Eifert and DeAngelo Williams have friendly competition at Pro Bowl

Tyler Eifert and DeAngelo Williams' teams may be among the fiercest rivals in the NFL, but they took time to have a more friendly competition at the Pro Bowl to make some military vets' days.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals and Steelers shared one of the NFL's best rivalries this past season, but unfortunately, many of the headlines coming out of the three matchups were about injuries, fines, personal fouls and a lot of bad blood.

At the end of the day, these are all humans we're talking about, so you'd hope they can put their football differences aside when it comes to things greater than football.

That's why Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert and Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams had a friendly competition this week during the Pro Bowl festivities. Williams and Eifert flipped the script with fans by getting their signatures instead of fans typically asking for pictures and autographs from the players. These were any ordinary fans though, they were servicemen and women in the United States Military.

The pair met at the Pro Bowl Draft presented by USAA at Wheeler Army Airfield military base in Hawaii before a military audience. Williams, who is serving as a "military correspondent" for USAA, competed with Eifert to see which of them could get the most signatures from military personnel on a helmet.

Though it was Williams who did much of the talking, even saying, he was "going to beat him, just like we did in the playoffs" it was Eifert who came out on top. But in the end, this was just for fun and to give some lucky military vets a cool experience.