Steelers 13-2 last 15 trips to Cincy... here is how that can end.

For some weird reason, the Bengals have fared better at Heinz field, than at home. It sucks we didn't get a bye, and Pitt was not a desirable matchup, plus it sucks we have to do it without Dalton. If it is going to end next week, here is what must happen.

1. 3rd down defense has to be better--- In the game in Cincy this year, Pitt was unstoppable on 3rd down in the 1st half, and the Bengals couldn't dig out of a hole... 3rd down defense hurt them against Arizona as well, and against Denver too., and heck even against Ryan Mallett, the Ravens converted 10 out of their first 15, and would have done better without a couple of drops.... Only way Bengals will have a chance is to get off the field and stop Ben on 3rd down. I feel pretty good about the Bengals doing well enough against the run, which should set up plenty of 3rd down chances.... any time they can force a punt, force a turnover, or hold them to a FG instead of a TD will be a key play...

2. Offensive line has to create a push to run the ball, as well as WR's making the tough catches... McCarron is going to need some help, and guys will have to play well around him.

3. Don't turn the ball over... Obviously this is big. Bengals have done well on that since last Pitt game, other than the one in OT in Denver.... the two INT's in last game vs. Pitt made the game look worse.

The Steelers are not unbeatable, if you can get their offense off the field on 3rd down.... the reason they have had success in Cincy has mostly been their offense against our defense, and that is the one big thing that will have to change.

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