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Steelers RT Marcus Gilbert looking forward to his Christmas wish of a playoff game vs Bengals

I'm going to embrace that challenge," Gilbert said. "I was looking forward to it all along."

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Count Steelers right tackle Marcus Gilbert among those excited for the Bengals vs Steelers upcoming Wild Card matchup.

"If we get them, I'll be very excited," right tackle Marcus Gilbert said after the Steelers' win on Sunday, via ESPN.

In a since deleted Tweet sent on December 14th after the Bengals and Steelers' Week 14 matchup, Gilbert said, "All I want for Christmas is the Bengals. Would love to see them in the playoffs where they choke. The talking is done between the lines."

Funnily enough, Gilbert has zero playoffs to his name. Gilbert has been in the NFL and with the Steelers since 2011, the same year the Bengals drafted Andy Dalton and A.J. Green. In that span, the Bengals have four playoff appearances and are about to embark on their fifth in five years. The Steelers have two playoff appearances in that span, both of which were also losses.

Knowing that, it's pretty interesting that Gilbert is calling out the Bengals' for their playoff failures, since he has no playoff success of his own.

"Obviously I wouldn't stand down by it -- I'm going to embrace that challenge," Gilbert said regarding his December 14th Tweet about playing the Bengals in the playoffs as a Christmas present. "I was looking forward to it all along. If we get them, I'll be very excited."

Gilbert continued, "We've got the best offense in football. I think we're going to ride this wave."