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Cincinnati Bengals open Wild Card week as team with 8th best odds of winning Super Bowl 50

Oddsmakers are giving most playoff teams a better shot at winning the Super Bowl than the Bengals

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Before the 2015 NFL season began, the general thought around the NFL was how and when the Bengals would win a playoff game with Andy Dalton under center. In four playoff attempts, the Bengals have yielded zero wins with Marvin Lewis and Andy Dalton as the faces of the franchise. Now, Dalton's status for the playoffs, or at least the opening weekend of the playoffs, is in doubt, and the focus has shifted to how the Bengals can win in the playoffs without him.

The Dalton dilemma coupled with the Bengals' lack of postseason success has oddsmakers forecasting little hope for the Bengals to win Super Bowl 50. Per, the Bengals have the eighth best odds among playoff teams to win Super Bowl 50. The Steelers, who are the Bengals' Wild Card opponent, have far better odds to win the Lombardi Trophy.

Here are the opening odds for who will win Super Bowl 50, via

Arizona Cardinals +450
New England Patriots +450
Carolina Panthers +500
Denver Broncos +600
Seattle Seahawks +600
Pittsburgh Steelers +700
Kansas City Chiefs +2400
Cincinnati Bengals +2500
Green Bay Packers +3500
Minnesota Vikings +3500
Washington Redskins +3800
Houston Texans +7500