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Opposing Outlook: What Steelers fans think of the Bengals in playoffs - Tuesday edition

The Bengals face the Steelers this weekend and we tune into the comments at Behind the Steel Curtain for some typical Steelers fan banter.

In a meeting earlier this season, I posted an article that simply copied some of the comments I found relevant from the Behind the Steel Curtain site. I do this every week and usually it gives insight into the mindset of the opposing team's fanbase. Believe it or not, Steeler fans cried about it. Apparently they are a little too sensitive to have their own words tossed back at them. So for this week, we decided to do this post daily. Starting today, we will have a daily version of Opposing Outlook for your enjoyment.

First, Steeler fans are confident. Apparently they can overlook the fact that they lost to the Ravens twice this season. They also can overlook losses to the Bengals, Chiefs and Seahawks. (Remember, the Bengals beat both of those teams this season). They remember all their excuses about losing to Cincinnati, too. Ben Roethlisberger was just back from injury, Le'Veon Bell was hurt in the game, but don't recall that when they beat the Bengals they faced a quarterback with no NFL experience coming in for the injured Andy Dalton. So there is little consideration to comments like:

Screw the bungles. Their fans have no respect

Here we go steelers here we go

I find it hilarious when Steelers fans call out anyone for not having respect. I find them to be the least respectable fans of any I have interacted with. To further prove the point, here is another gem from the "classy" fans of Pittsburgh:

I've got bad news for you Cinci fans...
You're still the Bengals and we are still the Steelers!
We're gonna serve it you after that classless punk fest a few weeks back. Haven't had so much confidence in a win all season long.


We better beat the Bungles this week JJ Pawn. That's all I know.
The standard is still the standard especially this time of year. If you can't meet it you should be reviewed regardless who you are. Beating the Bungles is a low bar in my mind.

The Bengals went 12-4 and won YOUR division Pittsburgh. The teams split their regular season meetings and Cincinnati was able to accomplish something twice this season that you couldn't, beating the Ravens. So maybe reset that bar of yours.

My favorite is when they flex their football knowledge on the masses:

McCarron is still pretty sad and Eifert isn't going to make their Offense that deep
He's at best their check down option. We played barnridge who is actually on par if not better than Eifert (considering his shitty QB list). I'm by no means predicting a blow out but if Ben doesn't throw picks this game is solidly in the Steelers favor. Our team slew the Bungles more recently and with Ben in better shape.

Eifert is at best a check down option? If you remember he was leading the NFL in receiving touchdowns before your punk safety cheap took him out. Yeah, I said it, Mike Mitchell is a punk and  I agree with Marvin Jones that he is fake tough. Eifert was all but down and Mitchell still gave him a cheap shot.

The respect continues, apparently overcoming a 27-13 halftime deficit to the Broncos, to win late in the fourth quarter with a touchdown is destroying an opponent, again Steeler fan logic:

Cincy fans are torn...
They so badly want to win this game and if they lose there just may have to be mass suicide watches. I'm not surprised that the Steelers are favored. Destroying Denver and a let down game in Baltimore isn'the much. Ben seems to go through these slumps and this bodes well for us by getting his picks out and having a good clean game for him to throw.

It's not all mouth breathing, chest pounding, six rings blah, blah, blah, though. Some Steelers fans respect the game and the matchup:

A lot of confident Steelers fans out there
I think this is going to be a really tough one. We're going to need Brown and Ben to bring their absolute best to win this one and pray that Burfict doesn't injure anyone on our team.


We have no reason to be overly confident or arrogant for the next one
We need to minimize mistakes, take nothing for granted, hope we're healthy, and play like every play could end it for us. Every game from here on out will be in hostile territory.
Go Steelers!


If the Bengals win...
It won't be because we have given it to them. It will be because they have earned it.
I don't want it to happen either, but let's give credit where it is due.

I for one can't wait to continue reading these wonderful comments all week long!