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Opposing Outlook: What Steelers fans think of the Bengals in playoffs - Wednesday edition

The Bengals face the Steelers this weekend and we tune into the comments at Behind the Steel Curtain for some typical Steelers fan banter.

Just as expected, part 1 of this post caught the eye of the Steelers fan and they cried in the comments. Today's edition is a continuation of the comments we are seeing at BTSC. The Steeler fans that come in and claim that these articles are classless and that I am picking on a small minority of Pittsburgh fans, I don't care. In the past I have followed up on the Steelers trolls and in no surprise, most are not posting from the Pittsburgh area, they are a fan base of bandwagoning sallies that claim black and gold for life. To further clear up the lack of respect given to the Bengals, here are some more comments:

In 2005 the bengals were clowns.
In 2015 the bengals were also clowns.
Coincidence? I think not!

Very respectful. Today's post keys in on two areas. The first is the revisionist history that is received from Steelers fans. You see, when they lose it is because the refs, or injuries or something outside of their team actually being bad. When they win, all of those reasons for other teams are not valid. Then, they alter the reality of what happened to fit their arguments. For example:

Dalton's replacement - counting the game against the Steelers is 2-2. He lost to us and the overtime game against the Broncos and he beat a bad 49er's team on the road and barely beat a spent RatBird team at home!! They have been scoring an average of 20 points per game since he has replaced Dalton.
But you are probably correct about our run game if we dont have D. Williams behind Ben!!

I wanted so bad to respond, but a fellow fan beat me to it:

Barely beat the Ravens?
Bengals were up 24 to 9 with under 2 minutes in the game when the Ravens scored a garbage time TD. He also put up the highest point total against the 49ers at home all year. He hasn't been asked to do much, but Hue won't mind opening up the playbook for this game. He really won't have much of a choice going up against one of the best offenses in the league.

Thank you. See, I know not ALL of you are morons, just the vocal majority. When I interact with you, all I picture is this guy:

The other point I am overly tired of hearing about is how Steelers fans think Vontaze Burfict made a "dirty" hit and took out Le'Veon Bell. That is absolute crap. The tackle was a normal everyday tackle that unfortunately someone got hurt on. Much like the play where Dalton got hurt was no fault of anyone. But no, the crybabies won't hear it:

It's not even his durability,
He got hit with a cheap shot and a rare leg twist. It would concern me if he had early D-Will injures such as hamstrings and such but, these are injures which could've been avoided if there was an absence of dirty players.

Hey intelligent fans, a tackle is part of the game. Here's another comment on a picture of Marvin Lewis talking to Burfict:

Looks like Lewis is telling him: Go for Ben's knees now that you took Bell out! Ha

Nope. It's sad that you comprehend things this way, it really is.

To appease the rolling fan base, they are not all bad. Many have been respecting the matchup:

Not so sure...
McCarron is all that bad! He is playing with house money and has nothing to lose! This is dangerous! If he plays a clean the ball, pass to the TE, and RBs in a short game, plus NO TURNOVERS, we may have problems. BB has been throwing pics at an alarming rate...if we turn the ball over, we are in trouble.

But, these are usually balanced by more like this:

AJ McCarron is not ready for the Playoffs!
I don't care that he had some success against us when the game was over and out of reach. He is not a good Qb and they are gonna stop the run and make McCarron beat us which is not gonna happen. Every year Marvin Lewis is out coached and it shows in the Playoffs. We have Big Ben who plays better in Cincinnati then he does at Heinz field. The O-line is gonna step up and win this game. As well as the front 7 for us on Defense. AJ McCarron is gonna look like the young inexperienced Qb which he is. It's gonna be another great victory against those same old BUNGLES! Who Dey? We Dey gonna beat those Bungles! Here WE GO STEELERS! HERE WE GO!

There are a few outliers. Some Steelers fans are not happy with their team. I will leave you with one of these people:

F U Ben!
This coming from a guy who threw 6 interception in his last 3 games? Ben has thrown 4 INT's in two games against Cincy. Ben needs to protect the ball and if he has another two interception game - it is one and done.