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Opposing Outlook: What Steelers fans think of the Bengals in playoffs - Thursday edition

The Bengals face the Steelers this weekend and we tune into the comments at Behind the Steel Curtain for some typical Steelers fan banter.

Well, this is fun. As these articles come out, I am still baffled about the insult that Steelers fans claim over them being published. They can not grasp that the same concept has been used all year without complaint (and usually laughter from the opposition) and the Steelers fans continue to be the biggest cry babies about it.

Cincy Jungle
Has articles about what Steelers fans say about them here at BTSC. That seems so weird to me, and says so much about them.

That's sweet, you like me, you really like me. Literally half their comments are about either:

  1. Bengals fans being classless on their site
  2. Bengals fans being classless on our site
  3. Them being banned for just wanting to talk football

So here is an example of how they talk football:

Talk football?
Bengals fans don't know what football is.

Great insight, here is some more:

I've said it countless times before.They are the worst fans in football period.

Again, there is so much in that statement to dissect. I really see how you take the high road against those pesky Bengals fans. Then the super classy fans take a stab at the writers here at Cincy Jungle. Their class is so top shelf that they attack our own Rebecca:

I made my second peek in at Bungle Jungle since I was banned a couple of years ago, earlier today. No she is not very smart, she was talking all butt hurt because we won't let their users come over here and badmouth/troll our team. Even though she is a main page writer, and perhaps a moderator though i don't know that, she definitely doesn't have any more sense than her counterparts

Cool story, bro. I can see your classiness showing...

But to be honest, there are some genuine knowledgeable fans on the site. Like sane Bengals fans, they expect a fight but that their team comes out on top. Actually, that is probably the most rational view at this point. (Not saying I am rational, I think we kick the crap out of that team). Here is a solid comment from a rival fan:

Offense has to prevent turnovers
We know what the defense is. Average at best. Although I hope that they rise up and shine like the Packers or the Colts defenses during their SB runs.

Offense is the one where we were depending this whole season to win games for us, and the offense has to come through. Yards and points will come, as long as turnovers are prevented. Throughout the season, when Ben was playing, we were moving the ball very well in each and every game. In games we lost, turnovers killed our drives, the momentum and eventually lost the games for us.

I believe if we win this Saturday we have a good chance to make the AFCCG. I actually think the Bengals game is tougher than the Broncos game.

Valid points. It's very true the Steelers don't have the feared defense of past teams, but a solid passing offense is what they boast now. The problem is, for every one of those comments, there are more like this:

dude. 33-13 without the garbage time TD.
y'all beat us by SIX with a full strength team. We beat you by 20 (not counting the garbage time TD) with no Bell, no Pouncey.
Go cry about it Bungle. Irrelevant as always

So wait, let me try and understand this "Steeler logic". You can erase an entire touchdown to fit your narrative, and you can list your excuses for losing. You don't take into account the other team missing players, and all is right in your world, got it.

Bengals fans still try though, not my cup of tea, but whatever floats your boat. Here a Cincinnati fan making an interesting correlation in a string about "Dirty" Vontaze Burfict:

Lets be logical for a second....
Showtime calls the 2005 Bengals clowns, then you make a comment about Burfict diving at the QBs knees and insinuating how dirty of a player Tez is, yet the 2005 season ended for the Bengals when Kimo dove into Carson's knee. Just think about that for a second....

***Steelers fan head explodes***

Behind the Steel Curtain is already posting articles about the next possible game for the team. To which one fan responds:

Steelers got to take care of Business First. The Broncos don't matter to me if we don't get through this game.

I agree, sir. I will leave you with this last comment. As sad as Pittsburgh fans claim the Bengals fans are, I have yet to see them come to this level:

lol I'm trying,bro....I just hate those people so much. I need this win to live.

Man, that is sad.