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Opposing Outlook: What Steelers fans think of the Bengals in playoffs - Friday edition

The Bengals face the Steelers this weekend and we tune into the comments at Behind the Steel Curtain for some typical Steelers fan banter.

I want to first start this final edition of Opposing outlook with a response to the Steelers fans that feel it is necessary to rip Bengals fans for perceived lack of attending games. Here is some information from last season about attendance at Steelers games:

The Pittsburgh Steelers have no issues when it comes to selling tickets. When it comes to playing night games, however, the Steelers have a hard time filling up the stadium.

As explained by Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, three of the last four Monday night games played at Heinz Field have featured 9,125, 7,856, and 7,346 no-shows. Last December's Sunday night game against the Bengals had a whopping 19,627 no-shows.

Steelers may sell the tickets, but just forget how to show up I guess.

On to the fun. Bengals fans get trashed all over for not knowing their football. We are all fair weather fans that only show up when the team is good, according to Steelers fans. So I love when I read things like this:

last super bowl run started in cincy
Let's hope history repeats itself...lets.beat these kicked off cincy sb nation page in matter of seconds. ..even afraid of the fans

Cute, this person must have mis-remembered when the Steelers won the Super Bowl against the Cardinals in 2008. They started at home that season. Then in 2010 when the Steelers lost to the Packers, they also started at home. Who cares about details, it's just fun to show up and wave a towel, am I right?

The cool cats over at BTSC are on to me and the fact I do read the comments on their site to continue my weekly "comments from their site" post. (Weird how that works right?) So they expect it in the comments now:

"Writers" over at Cincy Jungle
Will see this and write an entire series about it.

Not sure why the quotes are there, maybe I am not a real writer? I'm cool with that.

Their "Hate Guide" is explained as:

"The Hate Guide has been around for years. It's not limited to the Bengals or any other team. Generally most people on BTSC know it's origins."

Ohhhhh, so why is it so hard for you all to understand this article?

Steelers fans think they are going to "take over" Paul Brown stadium for this game:

I'm going to take a lot of pictures At the game. It was suggested that there were only going to be 5000-10,000 Steelers fans in attendance. Who are they kidding I venture to say there may be a handful more :wink:3 bus loads from Memphis and 3 from Nashville alone. I'm not sure they realize Steeler fans are not just living in the 412 and 724 area codes. Still a lot of great seats available! Bengals fans must sell more tickets than they use.

To your point about selling more tickets than we use, let me direct you to the top of this article. To your math of five to 10 thousand plus SIX WHOLE BUSSES, yeah, 10,090 will surely fill our stadium. Maybe if you actually attended a game in your stadium rather than just buying the ticket to waste you could understand that.

They hate our baseball too:

I don't normally follow baseball, but have been laid off a lot in the past year...
...due to oil prices, and so i followed the Bucs. The Reds fans seemed to be just as rude and petty. Maybe because they're down river?

Yeah, remember that one season where the Pirates were good and all the Steeler fans turned their Bettis jerseys inside out and claimed to be Buccos fans for life? Didn't your team fight pretty much every other team they played that season? Must be in the water in Pittsburgh, huh?

With the Bengals, they are still fascinated with Vontaze Burfict:

I have never had issues with the Bengals per se, only Vontaze Burfict. No one doesn't admire the passion and aggressiveness he plays with, we love our Steelers to be the same. The only issue is crossing the line resulting in injuries to key players. It's been debated by many the both sides there is to whether or not he intentionally injured Bell. I'll leave that there. My personal feelings is he added some extra on the end and it wasn't with intent to injure but most certainly to inflict a little extra. The part after some say he celebrated, others, including himself say he didn't. I happen to think he celebrated the injury.

Hey fella, truthfully, you've never met Burfict so in no way have had an issue with him. The rest is crap. Antonio Brown was punching Dre Kirkpatrick, Heinz Ward stood over an injured linebacker, Mike Mitchell leveled Marvin Jones, celebrated the injury and trotted over to A.J. Green to tell him he was next and then, in the next game against the Bengals, went head to head with Tyler Eifert and knocked him out of the game, and the Bengals' next game. Take your sanctimonious holier than thou crap and stuff it. Burfict didn't add anything "extra" on the Bell tackle. Your lack of knowledge is showing.

The amount of attention they pay to BTSC
Is borderline pathological. It's a little flattering and a little creepy.

And it isn't even in the Fan Posts Section. Front Page.

Flattering......creepy........and sad.

Sigh, it just doesn't resonate does it. You know what's probably more sad? The most rec'd fan post on BTSC was written by a Bengals fan.

This has been fun. Many Steelers fans looked at the posts, understood it and chuckled. Others got their panties in a bunch. Either way, I hope it helped build to a climactic Saturday. Maybe some Steelers fans finally got sick of me, I won't be mad at that.