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Bengals vs Steelers: One final thought

Hey Bengals fan, don't do that.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

If it is not apparent from the posts I have pushed out this week, I am not a fan of the Steelers or their fans. Honestly, I know some Steelers fans and they are pretty good people. It is the handful of disrespectful morons that exist everywhere that have soured that relationship. Every fanbase has them; the Bengals are no different, the Steelers fans just seem that much worse.

I attend almost every game. I have seen fans in their glory and misery. What grates me to no end is the nonsense that comes when some people attend a game. Look, get drunk, have fun, yell and do whatever it is you want to do, just be respectful. Fighting is stupid, everytime. I have been there and done that, it never solves anything.

I am absolutely pumped for the jungle to be rocking tonight. Bengals fans will show up and this is going to be a great night. Don't be the guy to ruin it. There may be kids around, remember that. Steeler fans may have the misfortune of sitting next to you and I hope you give them hell all night. Just leave it to good natured stuff. Remember, they have a family too and just went to enjoy a football game.

It may be out of character coming from me, but this comes from something that has stuck with me since 2005. The Bengals lost, we all know that. Leaving the stadium as the game clock read all zeros and as I was heading out to the parking lot with my friends, a couple rows behind me were an older couple decked out in their Steelers gear. They were still sitting waiting on someone to help the older gentlemen up the steps to one of the exits. He couldn't take the steps on his own and she looked a little fragile too.

Standing above them were two of the most embarrassing Bengals fans I have ever seen. They were screaming at the couple, asking how they could "accept" that win. The couple was scared and I was embarrassed to be a part of that group.

I know the outcome will be different this week, but we should still have some respect for others at the end of the day, no matter who they come to support.