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NFL Week 6 TV Maps: Will the Bengals-Patriots game be on your TV?

The Bengals vs Patriots game isn’t on TV for the majority of the country, but it will be the most widely available game on CBS on Sunday at 1:00 p.m. ET.

A new week in the NFL is upon us and it kicks off with Thursday Night Football in San Diego where the Broncos are coming to town for an AFC West showdown.

But what games will be on your TV on Sunday? And more importantly, will the Bengals be on TV where you live? Let’s get to the maps, via

A good part of the country will have the honor of seeing the Bengals take on the Patriots in Foxboro. (Fun fact: did you know Foxboro can be spelled two ways, the official way being Foxborough. But, the U.S. Postal service officially uses Foxboro. How strange! Anyway...)

With five games on CBS in the early afternoon on Sunday, there’s a lot of competition for which game is on in each area of the country. But, the Bengals-Patriots game will be the most widely viewed.

If you choose not to watch the Bengals, the Philadelphia vs Washington game will be on in Cincinnati and for much of the country on FOX. You can get a head start at scouting those two teams who the Bengals will play in the coming weeks.

And, after the Bengals game, the majority of the country will see the Cowboys vs Packers game on FOX. After last week, it would make me feel a bit better to see the Cowboys destroy the Packers, so, I’ll be rooting for that to happen.

Sunday Night Football features the Colts at the Texans, a divisional matchup that will have playoff implications, seeing as how poorly the AFC South has played as a division through five weeks. It’s unlikely two teams from the division make the playoffs, and these two might be the most likely to make it past the regular season. Monday Night Football ends the week with the New York Jets at the Arizona Cardinals. Both are underperforming so far this year and are led by former Bengals quarterbacks. If you believe the Bengals are still a playoff-capable team this season, you may want to be rooting for the Jets to increase the Bengals' strength of victories. Or, you could just root for the former Bengals quarterback who you dislike less... For most people, that will still mean rooting for the Jets.

Which games will you be watching this weekend?