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Opposing Outlook: What Patriots fans think of the Bengals in Week 6

Every week we take a look around the web to find some of the thoughts of opposing teams' fans concerning their upcoming game with the Bengals. This week we scour the web for Patriots fans’ comments on the upcoming game.

Cincinnati once again faces a team that we don’t see too often. So I am always curious to see what the opposing fan base thinks of the Bengals. Based on recent media hype, I am sure we can expect to read about the dirty Bengals and how Vontaze Burfict is going to try and injure everyone. As expected, I was not dissapointed.

Burfict is a dirty player, but he's only going to go off the deep end in a game like that against the Steelers, where they're being as bad and the line is habitually allowed to be crossed.

Can’t see that this week, he’s not TJ Ward and just going to try to take out 30 knees in the game, or a roided up Steeler or Bronco linebacker who has been able to get away with murder all game. He’s more likely to get Edelman high or give a good hit on Bennett a beat or two after the play is over than run around trying to knock heads off.

Ok, I can agree with some of that. Burfict does want to inflict pain on the field, part of his game is his intimidation.

Bengals fans expect this to be a blowout. The big bad Patriots are going to cruise to victory easily. If the Bengals continue their performance of last week, this is a real possibility. Not all Pats fans agree though.

Pats can't just show up and think they can cruise to a win at home

After watching the Broncos lose last night, this is a huge opportunity. But we have to earn it. The Bengals have WAY more at stake than the Pats do in this game and that makes them dangerous. I assume we put Ryan and McCourty on Green and put our heavy front in to stop the run. Then we’ll take our chances with LaFell and other guys singled up. If the Bengals were smart, they would prepare for short/mid range stuff to be open all game. Don’t force the ball deep, just take what the defense allows. And try to keep the run game going. They aren’t going to win a shootout, so they need to keep time of possession.

I expect a Patriots victory, but I think it will be a 1 score game at the end. That’s if the Bengals play it smart.

If the Bengals play it smart...

I don't think any Pats fan is expecting this to be a blowout lol

The way I see it, this will be a very close game with a few deciding factors like turnovers and ST key in getting a W.

Let’s hope that everyone leaves Sunday without any additional injuries.

I agree on the injury front. One thing that makes me nervous about this game is that the Bengals have struggled mightily in some areas of their game so far this season. If any coach knows how to attack the weakness of an opponent, it is Bill Belichick.

Belichick knows the weakness and strength of the opponent almost as well as the opponent. He will exploit the weaknesses and try to nullify the strengths

Patriots fans (like most of the NFL) have a healthy respect for A.J. Green. They talk often about double coverage and not letting him dictate the game. There is also some fear of Tyler Eifert, although, they won’t have to worry about that.

Watch for Eifert. If it becomes official that he can't go, Bengals fans may decide to get a head start on bridge jumping.

There is also a soft spot for former Patriot Brandon LaFell.

Except for this weekend, I wish Jojo the best of luck. I really liked him in his first year with the Pats and Brady kept trusting him last year even though he couldn't catch a football. He caught a TD in the best Super Bowl ever played and we'll always remember him for it

It's kind of refreshing to read comments from this fan base. It’s a very successful team, like the Pittsburgh Steelers, but without the obnoxious, mouth breathing, moronic talk from the fan base online. I am sure it exists, but not at the same intensity as the Steelers.