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Social media reactions and quotes following Bengals’ loss to Patriots

Well, it’s safe to say Bengals fans aren’t happy after another loss and the opinions surrounding Cincinnati are largely negative.

The Bengals fought hard, but fell to the Patriots in New England, a tough place to enter and win, as nearly every team in the NFL can attest to. The Patriots were 77-0 when leading at halftime at home coming into today’s game, and now have extended that streak to 78-0. The Patriots have also now won six straight regular season home games against the Bengals, and have not lost at home against Cincinnati since 1986. The Bengals were going to need to play a flawless game to win in New England, and though they looked improved from their tough loss in Dallas last week, they didn’t do enough to beat the Patriots, and they didn’t play a flawless game:

A lot of that had to do with second half adjustments that the Patriots made, while the adjustments made on Cincinnati’s end clearly didn’t work as well. The Bengals only trailed by three with a 10-7 score heading into halftime, but while they added 10 points in the second half, the Patriots added 25. The final New England touchdown came in garbage time, but, it’s still a score that the Bengals allowed.

Here’s a collection of social media reactions, thoughts and quotes that followed the Bengals’ fourth loss of the season in New England.