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SIISWIS Podcast: Could Bengals please start winning now?

With a tough opening to the schedule out of the way, the Bengals get a near guaranteed victory against the winless Browns and an easier path the rest of the way. Will this be the springboard that launches them to a string of wins?

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at New England Patriots Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

In the last quarter and a half in Foxborough one thing became abundantly clear: the Bengals are nowhere near the level of the Patriots right now. In fact, they’re simply not an upper echelon team at all. Having said that, they are still playing at a level far higher than the Cleveland Browns, their next opponent. And a statement game this week could give the team the confidence it needs to pull off a string of victories against easier opponents, and get back into the playoff hunt.

So, will they take advantage and get the job done at home in Week 7? Or will they fail in the face of the pressure of being expected to easily defeat a winless team?

In the following podcast, we explain what happened to the Bengals to close the game against New England, discuss which players the team should be most worried about on Cleveland’s roster, detail the relationship between Marvin Lewis and Hue Jackson (hope you like Star Wars references), and give our predictions for the week.