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Tecmo Bowl Futures: Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals

You can go anywhere on the web and find what the experts think the outcome of any game will be. I have my own expert. She was born in 1991 and has had my heart ever since. Her name, Tecmo Super Bowl.

Sometimes all it takes is one spark to start a fire. The Bengals could rebound from a disappointing start by stringing together a couple of wins. What better team to face when you need a win then the Cleveland Browns? Let’s look to Tecmo to see how this game should play out.

The Bengals start with the football and easily move it through the air.

Tyler Eifert gets back into good graces with back to back catches.

Andy Dalton takes the football and runs it in for himself. The Bengals are on the board.

Cleveland does what they are good at and turns the ball back over to Cincinnati.

Brandon LaFell catches a pass in the red zone as Andy Dalton is spreading it around well.

Jeremy Hill even catches a pass for a touchdown.

The Bengals defense has a major breakdown and Andrew Hawkins breaks free for the long Cleveland score.

New Browns quarterback Cody Kessler celebrates his touchdown pass.

On the next possession, the Browns fail to cover A.J. Green and he easily catches a long toss for the score.

At the end of the first quarter, the Bengals have build a comfortable 21-7 lead.

Cleveland is again threatening as they move the ball through the air.

Karlos Dansby ends the momentum and Cleveland tries the long field goal.

The field goal clips the upright and bounces back. No Good.

Then something terrible happens, the Bengals quarterback takes a bad hit and is lost for the game.

Thankfully, the Bengals are still able to move the ball through the air.

AJ McCarron finds Green for the touchdown and the Bengals offense continues to roll.

Then Cleveland throws another interception and the Bengals have incredible field position.

A.J. Green easily scores another Bengals touchdown.

At the half, the Bengals lead 35 - 7.

After some terrible offense, the Browns are forced to punt.

Jeremy Hill breaks free for the Bengals for a huge gain.

Then LaFell finishes the drive with another Bengals score.

Cleveland's offense just can’t put anything together.

Dre Kirkpatrick breaks into the backfield and brings down Kessler for the sack.

Once again, the Browns punt.

The Bengals easily move the ball downfield as the third quarter comes to a close.

At the end of the third, Cincinnati leads 42 - 7.

The AJ to AJ connection is unstoppable against the Browns.

The Browns face a fourth-and-eight as they try to add to improve their dismal showing.

They pick up the first down but...

Toss an interception on the next play.

And A.J. Green makes them pay.

What a way to right the ship. The Bengals crush the Browns, 56 - 7.