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A.J. Green answers Bengals’ prayers with catch of the year vs Browns

The number one receiver in the NFL debate needs to start now... Or we can all just admit it’s A.J. Green.

Miami Dolphins v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

With under a minute left in the first half and the Browns set to receive the second half kickoff, Marvin Lewis and his Bengals needed a prayer. Andy Dalton tossed up a Hail Mary in hopes that one of his receivers could come down with the football. A.J. Green, five-time Pro Bowler and former juggler, answered those prayers with the catch of the 2016 season — a play which could hold its own against Odell Beckham’s notorious catch against the Cowboys.

The “best wide receiver in the NFL” debate needs to start now...Or we can just all admit it’s A.J. Green.