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Patriots, Vikings unanimous favorites in Cincy Jungle’s NFL Week 8 picks

Jason is back to picking against the Bengals, but the rest of the staff seems confident Cincinnati will pull out a victory this week.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Week 8 looks pretty unexciting on paper, as it’s headlined by yet another Bears primetime game and the infamous Jaguars-Titans Thursday night game. This week, the Bengals, Seahawks, Raiders, Chiefs, Patriots, Broncos and Vikings are heavy favorites, with New England and Minnesota the only teams as unanimous favorites. Jason’s back to picking against the Bengals who — call me superstitious — are undefeated when they’re unanimous picks. Is Jason a traitor? That’s for you to decide.

Another fairly strong outing from Braden has him clinging to a one-game lead over Anthony, with Rebecca and Scott not far behind. Huge week for Dadio last week, who became the third member of the staff to finish in first place without tying for the lead. This week, Jason (Redskins), Kyle (Jaguars) and Alberto (Saints) have hero picks.

Just to be a bit more superstitious (why not), the team favored in Cincy Jungle’s Weekly Picks has won each of the two games played in London so far. If the Bengals win, the staff will go 3-0 in picking London games (counting the team picked by the majority as the staff’s pick).

Games which could impact the standings this week include the Cardinals-Panthers matchup, the bout between the Packers and Falcons, as well as the Sunday Night game between the Eagles and Cowboys.

And in perhaps the most interesting news of the week, three staff members have the Browns beating the Jets on Sunday. As one of the three to pick Cleveland, I’ll just say I have an eerie feeling about this game. The Browns are due a win, Josh McCown is coming back and the Jets aren’t a great team. But who knows, maybe the Browns get wiped out and I look clueless in retrospect — there’s always a chance. But when you’re down in the picks, you have to be bold.

To cap off the superstition, I ended last week’s post with this, hoping the Bengals would win and the rest of the AFC North would lose:

“With that, go Jets, go Patriots and of course, go Bengals.”

You’re welcome, by the way.

So this week, I’ll leave you with this: Go Browns (why not, they deserve a win by now), go Packers and Bucs (need it) and of course, go Bengals!