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NFL Week 8 National TV Maps: Everyone gets the Bengals vs Redskins game

The Bengals vs Redskins game will be available nationally this week. Which other games are on in your area? Find out here!

1990 AFC Divisional Playoffs:  Cincinnati Bengals v Los Angeles Raiders Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

The Bengals vs Redskins game will be on television bright and early at 9:30 a.m. ET. If you live on the west coast, well, you’ll be waking up before sunrise (which is at 7:11 a.m. PT in Los Angeles) to watch Cincinnati in its first international series game.

The London game will be on FOX, and will be the Bengals’ first game on the network this year. It will be broadcast across the U.S., making it a primetime game, not in primetime.

Before we get to the Bengals-Redskins game, Thursday Night Football will see the Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Tennessee Titans, exclusively on NFL Network.

If you’re gearing up for a full day of football on Sunday, here are the rest of the games you’ll see.

Sunday Night Football will see the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Dallas Cowboys in a battle of two rookie quarterbacks who are exceeding expectations. Which rookie will do more to get his team the win?

The week ends with Monday Night Football featuring the Minnesota Vikings at the Chicago Bears in Jay Cutler's return to the field after missing the last few weeks with a thumb injury. Will Cutler prove his worth and drop the Vikings to 5-2, or will the Minnesota defense be too tough of a contest for the veteran quarterback? I’d put my money on the Vikings.

Which games are you most looking forward to this week?