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NFL Week 8 2016: Bengals vs Redskins London Special pre-game

Bengals and Redskins are overseas to show the English what real football looks like.

The Bengals take on the Redskins at 9:30 a.m. ET in Wembley, London, England at Wembley Stadium.

Though the Bengals gave up a home game willing so that they could play over the big pond in London, the hope is that they dominate the game with pride and maybe gain fans in The City. Can Andy Dalton and AJ Green light up this Redskins secondary, will Jeremy Hill capitalize on the momentum he gained from last week, or will the defense get pressure on Kirk Cousins and company and finally begin to stop the run game. Wake up, grab your breakfast nachos, and tune in Bengal fans. We have a London Special soon to be underway.

Let the discussion begin!