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NFL Week 8 Bengals vs Redskins: Predict the final score

BIG congratulations are in order this week for RJPRO!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Who's up and ready for some Bengals vs Redskins early morning action in London!

It's never too early to submit your prediction for the final score of today's game, so let's get going!

Last week, I commented back to someone on the score prediction thread who was excited to see Eifert return but referred to him as #89. I corrected him. Well, that person just happens to be the first person in two years to NAIL the score on the head and accurately predict the final score of a Bengals game on Cincy Jungle. RJPRO, congratulations on your 31-17 accurate Bengals vs Browns score prediction.

VABengalsfans and SouthernmostBengalsfan got the Browns' 17 point correctly while Doc_Ox, Zdiddy514 and benGALJim got the Bengals' 31 points correctly. But, only RJPRO guessed the complete score accurately, a first on Cincy Jungle's gameday predictions.

The Bengals have the #5 total offense in the NFL so far this year. You know who's #6? The Redskins. Expect this to be a big offensive game! As far as scoring goes, the Bengals are ranked 19th with 20 points per game while the Redskins are ranked 13th with 22.7 points per game. On defense, the Bengals have the 18th overall defense, allowing 354.6 yards per game, while the Redskins are ranked 13th, allowing 363.3 yards per game. That's a difference of less than 10 yards on average, per game. Statistically, these teams are not far off.

So, what's your Bengals vs Redskins score prediction? Leave it in the comments and maybe we'll have a second week with an accurate prediction!? Let's hope it's in the Bengals' favor.