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Bengals’ tie with Redskins sparks good, bad and funny social media reactions

Can we pretend this didn’t happen? No? Well, there are plenty of jokes to laugh - or not laugh - at after the Bengals-Redskins game ended in a draw.

NFL: International Series-Washington Redskins at Cincinnati Bengals Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Bengals just tied for the second time in three years and the third time during the Marvin Lewis era, and I don’t think I’d feel any worse if the outcome of the Week 8 game was a loss.

I think Andy Dalton would agree.

This was a messy game that actually featured some great offensive play, for both teams, but the Bengals’ defense and special teams couldn’t do enough, or actually did too much (on the negative end of the spectrum) and cost the Bengals as the game ended in a 27-27 tie.

The social media reactions ranged after the tie from good, to bad, to funny, and everything in between. So, let’s get right to them.

The fumble in overtime:

So do we.

Tyler Eifert is BACK... If that helps you feel better about today.

Blah, blah, blah.

Norman has all the takes.

How we’re feeling, too.

Glad you think so, Ian.

I don’t think this is meant to be a positive thing.

Redskins’ perspective:

Ties do not phase the British.

This is definitely NOT a good thing.

Andy Dalton is taking the blame for the loss.

Interesting fact:

Unfortunately, Green can’t win games alone.

More British fans who don’t seem too upset:

Let’s not.

I’m not ready for “on the bright side”...

Just for fun...

Let’s end with this:

Until next time, Bengals fans. Unfortunately, next time isn’t for over two weeks when the Bengals take on the Giants on Monday Night Football in Week 10. I will be there in person, and let me say, I’m really hoping the Bengals show up prepared and ready to win.