So the defense.

So the Bengals are giving up 23 and a half points per game so far this year.... It is pretty much the same guys from last year's team, minus Reggie Nelson and Wallace Gilberry.

Seems like the defense is way too reliant on either Atkins or Dunlap getting to the QB. When the front four doesn't get pressure, the lack of speed from the LB's and poor play from the secondary is glaring..... I wonder if Vance Joseph leaving is hurting more than thought it would. PacMan is struggling bad, Dansby looks old. MJ is doing nothing. I think a few poor drafts are catching up with the Bengals on defense. They missed on Devon Still and Margus Hunt on the D line, both in 2nd round.... have not been able to find a LB in the draft that is helping.... Dre and Dennard are both 1st round picks who don't play like 1st rounders.... the pass rush is not getting pressure like last year, and the back 7 are just getting exposed... throw in bad tackling, untimely penalties and it is bad on defense right now.....

Maybe the only way back is to draft the hell out of the next couple years with some defensive guys, and hopefully WJ3 can be the real deal.... but right now they just look slow, old and unprepared.

The offense is actually showing some improvement in the last 2 or 3 games... so that is encouraging, although the pass protection is still shaky.

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