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Bengals Bytes (10/31): ‘Blah’

A.J. Green describes the feeling of a tie perfectly. Josh Gordon is out of rehab. Rob Gronkowski thanks a special someone after his 69th touchdown.

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NFL: International Series-Washington Redskins at Cincinnati Bengals Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Analysis: Why Bengals tied Washington

LONDON, England — Playing beneath a rolling London fog on Sunday, the Bengals took the field at Wembley Stadium thousands of miles and four time zones away from Cincinnati.

A.J. Green on battle with Josh Norman

Bengals receiver A.J. Green finished with nine receptions for 121 yards, and Josh Norman had five penalties against him.

How the Bengals used dirty play to tie the Redskins and stay alive in 2016

As far as NFL ties go, you could do a lot worse than the 27-all draw between the Redskins and Bengals at Wembley Stadium on Sunday morning. (And we have: It was last Sunday night's Cardinals-Seahawks 6-6 slog.) There was good offensive play, defensive tests passed, the requisite missed kicks almost invariably needed for a football game to end in a stalemate and a wild, controversial final minute that saw the Redskins recover an Andy Dalton fumble, appear to get in field-goal position (again) on the next play, only to have it called back by a tickey-tack pass interference call that resulted in the Redskins inexplicably playing for a Hail Mary that was about as unsightly as that huge ferris wheel in London. And when it was over, both teams had traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to give Brits the same thing they see every Premiere League weekend. The ol' sister kisser.

Husker staff corner: Assistant says ex-teammate Vontaze Burfict misunderstood

Shelly Lyons, a 26-year-old native of Compton, California, joined Nebraska's football staff in January. An outside linebacker at Arizona State from 2008-11, Lyons works with linebackers coach Trent Bray, who was his position coach at ASU. His thoughts on Vontaze Burfict? For people who don't know him, they obviously have this picture painted. But everybody who knows him, it's the exact opposite. He's not a rude person. He's actually really quiet and respectful. He cares about his family, his mom. He has a daughter. He's a great guy.

Redskins at Bengals Postgame Quotes

Think the best lesson learned today for our football team is you just got to keep playing, regardless literally of the situation, football game, where we are, what's going on - just keep playing, go to the next down and keep playing.

Bengals defense stands tall in biggest moments of a rough day

On a day when it gave up a 546 yards, including more than 450 yards passing and an even 100 yards rushing, the Bengals defense still managed to stand tall in just enough critical moments of Sunday’s 27-27 tie with Washington to stave off a hurtful loss heading into the bye week.

AJ says it all: I feel blah

It was The War of Wembley. The Bengals played on a hallowed soccer ground and left with a tie after an overtime shootout against Washington in a 27-27 game replete with emotions and big plays. “I feel blah. I feel like nothing,” said Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green after another dizzying day as the NFL’s best receiver with his fourth 100-yard game of the season, schooling cornerback Josh Norman on nine catches for 121 yards.

Paul Guenther's duel with Jay Gruden ends in draw

Seven weeks had come and gone, and despite strong performances on the scoreboard against Miami and Cleveland, the Cincinnati Bengals' defense had lacked the swagger, the dominance, of the past year. Teams scored over the top, on the ground, in the red zone – in whatever fashion an offensive coordinator could imagine.

Notes: Eifert frees offense, Dalton explains, Nugent critical

Tyler Eifert groaned as he worked his way through changing in the Bengals' locker room. This came minutes after taking a seat across the training table with a grimace after filing in from the Wembley Stadium turf.

Doc: Can 3-4-1 Bengals still make playoffs?

Londoners did not get a quintessentially NFL game on Sunday: Two middling teams, playing a close game featuring a few wow moments while offering the league’s notable brand of exciting socialism. Londoners got two middling teams playing the sort of close game that has helped the NFL bridge an ocean. None of which matters to Bengals fans, who lived and died several times, only to get. . . nothing.

Bengals waste big games from A.J. Green, Tyler Eifert in tie

Cincinnati Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert picked a timely day to play his first full game back this season. In terms of entertainment value, the Bengals' first game in London didn't disappoint, as a crazy ending resulted in a 27-27 tie on Sunday against the Washington Redskins just one week after the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals played to a 6-6 draw.

Furious Josh Norman rips into ref after Washington Redskins' tie

Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman unloaded on the officiating crew after Sunday's 27-27 tie with the Cincinnati Bengals, calling for a reprimand of one official in particular. Norman will likely receive a fine from the NFL later this week. Norman was incensed with third-year field judge Brad Freeman after the Redskins were flagged for 15 penalties. Norman was called for four hands-to-the-face penalties, as well as a pass interference that was declined. The rest of the Redskins' secondary was penalized twice for facemasks, twice for interference and once for holding.

AFC North Bytes

Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon released from rehab facility, awaits potential reinstatement

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was released from a rehab facility in New Hampshire last week where he spent the previous 30 days, according to league sources.

The Ravens Are Playing Coach John Harbaugh Onto The Hot Seat

Just five weeks ago now, the Baltimore Ravens and head coach John Harbaugh were sitting on Cloud-9. At the time, they were coming off a last minute 19-17 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. The game, although it took a 53-yard field goal by Justin Tucker in the last 90 seconds for them to win, moved the team’s record to 3-0 and tied them for first-place in the AFC. It looked like the Ravens were back to stay and their 5-11 record from 2015 was a distant memory.

Steelers fans should take Ben Roethlisberger projections to return with a grain of salt

It seems to be an almost daily occurrence for fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Another “NFL Insider” releases a projection on just when they have “sourced” Ben Roethlisberger will return to the playing field after his torn meniscus in Week 6 against the Miami Dolphins. The most recent update? This time it comes from ESPN’s Adam Schefter

Random Bytes

Today Is The Sports Equinox

Today, the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB all play games. It’s a sports equinox, the 16th in history: Will all four leagues play at the same time? They sure will! Indians-Cubs is scheduled for 8:00 p.m ET. At 8:30 Eagles-Cowboys kicks off, and at least three NBA games and two NHL games will already be in progress.

Eagles vs. Cowboys: Score and Twitter Reaction for Sunday Night Football

After overcoming a 10-point deficit in the fourth quarter, Dak Prescott led the Dallas Cowboys to a 29-23 overtime win over the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday night. The rookie quarterback threw a game-tying touchdown to Dez Bryant with three minutes remaining in regulation and followed it up with a scramble and game-winning touchdown pass to Jason Witten to clinch the win in overtime.

Oakland Raiders Finally Finding Relevance Despite Growing Pains of Young Roster

It’s hard to process a few new NFL realities after the Oakland Raiders’ win Sunday over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We need to go slowly here and absorb everything. Taking on too much, too fast while thinking about that game could be hazardous to your health. The root of any mental strain may actually depend on your age.

Wade Phillips released from hospital after collision

Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips was carted off the field in Denver on Sunday after getting inadvertently knocked to the ground by Melvin Gordon who was chasing down Broncos cornerback Bradley Roby. Phillips was taken to a local hospital to undergo further testing. Following the game, he was released after everything "checked out OK." Phillips is expected to return to work on Monday, per the team.

Rob Gronkowski shouts out mom after 69th TD

Rob Gronkowski acknowledged last week that he was looking forward to the 69th touchdown of his career. This makes perfect sense when you consider the source. The All-Pro tight end reached that magical number and set a Patriots touchdown record in the process with his 53-yard catch-and-run during Sunday's blowout win over the Bills. After the game, on this most hallowed of all Gronk numerical-based celebrations, Gronkowski made sure to give credit to the person who made all this possible in the first place.