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Opposing Outlook: What Cowboys fans think of the Bengals in Week 5

Every week we take a look around the web to find some of the thoughts of opposing teams' fans concerning their upcoming game with the Bengals. This week we scour the web for Cowboys fans’ comments on the upcoming game.

The Bengals face the Cowboys on Sunday in a game that many think is evenly matched. There are major injuries for both teams forcing star players to not be on the field. As these two teams don’t cross paths often, and the viewing markets are pretty separate, I expected a lot of generalizations about the Bengals from Cowboys fans. But, I was surprised at some of the respect and knowledge from the Cowboys faithful. Here’s a look at what Cowboys fans are saying about the Bengals ahead of the teams’ Week 5 matchup.

Carlos Dunlap is gonna be a real handful.

I think, with as well as the interior OL is playing, we can probably handle Atkins okay. But Dunlap? Well, let’s just hope Tron is healthy and ready to go and Free continues improving from his rough start.

Often we see opposing teams key on a couple names from the Bengals.

Green, Bernard, Atkins etc... many of the Cowboys fans talked about Hunt and Kirkpatrick. The knowledge of the personnel was interesting. Not all of them were this bright though:

Atkins is undersized, Frederick, Leary and Martin should be able to handle him the vast majority of the time. Dunlap is pretty good, but Smith is also, and you can give Free tight end help, so those guys can be controlled. Burfict is very good, with the o-line being concerned with Atkins and Dunlap, he can really cause problems.

Two, he's a dirty player, I can see him going all out to hurt Dak and/or Elliot, if he gets a personal foul penalty, so what, he doesn't care. Personally I'd tell Dak if Burfict gets anywhere near me, throw the ball away or get to the ground, don't give Burfict any more chances than you can help to hurt you.

And I'd have Garrett speak to the refs before the game, and tell them in no uncertain terms that they better not let Burfict get a cheap shot on any of the Cowboys or somebody will be sure to take out Burfict...

Sigh, let’s start with the Atkins is undersized nonsense. Geno Atkins is one of the most feared interior defensive lineman in the game. Watch week in and week out how protection is moved to keep him from disrupting the game.

Second, this Burfict stuff is hilarious. I love the perception that Vontaze is running around on the field just trying to hurt someone. This comes from the same people that claim the game has gone soft.

Burfict is not the only Bengals player these fans are concerned with.

Like I said earlier in the week we have to be the most physical team on the field bc the Bengals love to play dirty, but they can also be prone to penalties when their getting manhandled.

And please I have one request other than a win. Someone take pacman's head off. I mean knock his sorry ass in to next week. I don't want a serious injury I just want him knocked out of the game. He doesn't even deserve to be in the league in the first place.

And run, run, run the ball. Don't give up on it. And then take your shots at the likes of 45 year old Newman.

I especially like calling the Bengals dirty then imploring your team to take out a player. Seems kind of backward doesn’t it? Also, who is this Newman character?

One thing most fans have in common is a fear and respect for A.J. Green. This was echoed often.

The last time the Cowboys faced a stout front 4 (week one vs. NY), things didn't go so well, and I'm thinking that something similar happens against CIN.

They have a mutli-dimensional defense that excels in many different areas, and I believe Cincy puts the lid on the Cowboys’ run game, which will put the pressure solely on Prescott to throw the ball more than he’s been accustomed to the last few games. I think they take a page out of the Giants’ playbook, load the box, and dare Prescott to beat them, which worked to the Cowboys’ disadvantage 4 weeks ago.

Once again, it’s a shame that the Cowboys’ pass rush is so abysmal, because Cincy’s o-line has struggled to protect Dalton so far, which means that it will likely be a tough for them to get off of the field on third down, and their secondary will be hung out to dry. Unfortunately, this week, they won’t be facing Blaine Gabbert, so if they spot Cincy a 14-0 lead, then I doubt we see a comeback…

And I also think the Mo Claiborne will be no match for A.J. Green. That’s not necessarily a knock on him, it’s just that there are only a few CB’s who can even think about checking this dude one-on-one, and Claiborne ain’t one of those guys…

My prediction:




stopping AJ Green.

claiborne on him with help from byron jones most of the game. that duo could limit him. ill take 6 catches for 70 yards and no tds. they pretty much have no other threats then a pass catching back in bernard. if they limit him dallas has a chance to take them down. they should be taking a look at what giants d-line did to elliott and what they need to change to play better ball vs cincys good d-line. if they do all that 4-1 here we come.

I agree, if teams allow Green to blow up, it turns into a long afternoon for them.

Other fans point to who beat the Bengals as a reason Dallas will win.

I mentioned this to someone earlier who also said the Cowboys would only score 19

The BRONCOS put up 29 points on the Bungles. The….BRONCOS. You dont think the boys can do better than THAT?? Sheesh. Dont give me the Giants game mess…that was the first game of the season and we were breaking in a rookie RB and QB. Things have solidified so much since then.

I wonder who these people are. Exaggerating the fact that the lowly Broncos (4-0, Super Bowl Champs) beat the Bengals. It’s not all confidence like the last eager fan though:

I'm gonna do my best Obi-Wan here and say "I've got a bad feeling about this" ... game. We don't match up well with the Bengals and they are the first good team we are facing this season. Our injuries and rookies starting will finally catch up to us Bengals 38-17

I personally agree with the next guy though. Seems relevant for both teams.

Gonna be a tough game.

Next man up, get it done.