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Bengals vs Cowboys: Predict the final score

What are you expecting the outcome of today's Bengals vs Cowboys game to be?

Cincinnati Bengals v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals are one of only five teams that have faced the Dallas Cowboys 11 times-or-less. In 11 games of the series there have been:

  • Seven games decided by double-digits
  • Four games decided by three-or-more touchdowns
  • Three games decided by a touchdown-or-less
  • Two games decided by less than a touchdown
  • A 28-point win by Dallas (11/4/73) - biggest Cowboys win
  • A 26-point win by Cincinnati (12/8/85) - biggest Cowboys loss
  • 283 points scored by Dallas
  • 258 points scored by Cincinnati
  • Cowboys have a 7-4 record against the Bengals.

Today will be the 12th time these two teams face each other.

Are you expecting a high-scoring affair? Last week, the Bengals beat the Dolphins 22-7, but the win could have been even bigger had the Bengals been able to convert in the red zone. No one on Cincy Jungle predicted the score accurately last week, or even came close, but we'll give shout outs to NastyNati513 who had a 21-16 prediction and, Doc_Ox who had a similar margin of victory to what was achieved with a 17-3 guess.

Record your prediction in the above widget and feel free to share it in the comments! We'll shout out any close (or hopefully correct!) predictions next week when the Bengals take on the Patriots.