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Social media reactions to Bengals’ bad day in Dallas

The reactions to the Bengals’ loss to the Cowboys were similar to the game itself: depressing. But, there is some reason for optimism, buried in the below Tweets.

The Bengals had one of their least inspiring games of the Andy Dalton era on Sunday in Dallas as they let Ezekiel Elliott run wild for 134 yards and 2 touchdowns. The offense was unable to score for three quarters of the game and the defense was unable to stop anyone on Dallas for three quarters of the game. Together, that resulted in a very ineffective day on the field and an embarrassing afternoon for Cincinnati. The Bengals now sport a 2-3 record as they look ahead to the Patriots.

Here’s a roundup of the social media reactions following the game. There was a lot not to like, but, there’s some small tokens of hope, mixed in here, too.

Carlos Dunlap had some bad moments today, but he had some good ones, too. He is proving to be a great leader on the Bengals and I trust he plans to help get things back to normalcy in Cincinnati.

Adam Jones clearly wants to start winning, too. As he says, the Bengals are used to winning.

Remember how the Cowboys only had four wins in 2015...

Marvin Lewis was willing to admit it was a bad day in Dallas.

Here’s some of that positivity I referenced!

Stephen A. Smith being... himself.

More optimism!

Jerry World is a big place.

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