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Marvin Lewis doesn’t mind NFL ties

Do you agree with Lewis’ take that college overtime rules are, “hokey”?

Cincinnati Bengals v New England Patriots Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

On Tuesday, Marvin Lewis met with the members of the media for his only press conference of the bye week and fittingly, he was asked about his thoughts on the NFL’s rules regarding regular-season ties.

Lewis has coached in more NFL ties over the last 10 years than any other head coach. The Bengals tied the Eagles in 2008, the Panthers in 2014 and on Sunday in the team’s first ever game in London, the Bengals recorded yet another tie with the Redskins.

So, what does Lewis think about ties in the NFL? He apparently doesn’t mind them.

When asked about the NFL adopting the NCAA’s overtime rules, Lewis called it, “hokey”.

“I wouldn't be (interested),” Lewis said of the NFL changing overtime to college football’s rules. “I just think it’s hokey. We play enough football. Our guys on defense played 94 plays this last game. We don’t want to continue to keep playing.”

When asked if he likes the rules as is, Lewis said, yes, but clarified.

“Actually, I like the rule the way it used to be, when the first team who scored won the game,” he said.

In the NCAA, if a game is tied after four quarters, the teams continue to play extra periods until the game is won. Each period consists of one possession for each team, the order of which is decided by a coin toss prior to the start of overtime. If the first overtime period doesn’t yield a winner, after each period, the order of possession flips. Additionally, each drive starts at the defense's 25-yard line, disallowing touchdown returns in overtime.

Now, for the second time in three seasons, the Bengals will have a half-game as part of their record.

Do you agree with Lewis’ stance? What are your thoughts on the NFL’s overtime rules and games ending in ties. I, for one, am not interested in watching any further Bengals ties.