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Bengals a heavy favorite in Cincy Jungle’s Week 10 NFL picks

Two staff members picked against the Bengals in this week’s pick’em. Will Cincinnati come out on top?

Washington Redskins v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

This year’s weekly pick’em competition is as close as ever. Huge weeks from Scott and Patrick have separated the contenders from the pretenders. (Don’t remind me, though.) A first-place finish from Scott has him tied with Anthony for first place, while Patrick’s 10-3 outing has him four wins out of first. Dadio also finished Week 9 with a 10-3 record, but forgetting to pick games through the first couple of weeks really hurts his chances of winning, despite a terrific win percentage.

Week 10 has some juice. The early Chiefs-Panthers and Broncos-Saints matchups look great, while the Cowboys-Steelers and Seahawks-Patriots later on Sunday look even better. And of course, the Bengals-Giants matchup also looks pretty good. Heck, even the Thursday night matchup between the Browns and Ravens could be interesting.

A quick shout-out to Kyle, who made his picks at the last possible moment last week and finished with a 5-7 record. He now has as many wins as I do, despite picking 16 fewer games. That’s purely a testament to my terrible season of picks.

The Browns continue to make me wrong, but with nothing to lose at 15 games back, I’m picking them until they finally win a game. Surprisingly, three people joined me in picking Cleveland this week.

One of those people, Anthony, joins Jason in picking against the Bengals this week. (I’m not a conspiracy theory guy, but I’m curious why people are picking against Cincinnati when the team has been undefeated in games in which they’ve been a consensus favorite in our weekly picks.)

Anthony (Titans) and Kyle (Dolphins) are the only two people to have hero picks this week, which is probably good, considering our staff was 1-3 with hero picks last week. The Patriots are a surprising consensus favorite over the Seahawks, and while I don’t think it will happen, I could see a Seahawks victory making us wrong. After all, the Colts upset the Packers — a consensus favorite in our picks — just last week.

The picks are getting competitive, and while I’m not necessarily relevant at this stage of the season, I’m still excited to see who comes out on top at the end of the year.