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Bengals vs Giants: Predict the final score

What's your Monday Night Football score prediction? Leave it here!

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like it's been an eternity since the Bengals last played and we made our score predictions for their matchup with the Redskins. I predicted (way back then) that the Bengals would score 27 points and win the game. That nearly happened... they did score 27 points, but instead of winning, they tied the game. Did you forget about that? It's been more than two weeks since the Bengals last played. Expectedly, no one predicted a tie in our Cincy Jungle predictions.

This week, the Bengals and Giants are the final game of the NFL week and it should be an entertaining matchup on Monday Night Football, featuring two of the game's best wide receivers in A.J. Green and Odell Beckham Jr.

So how many points can we figure the Bengals and Giants will each score? The Bengals rank fourth in the NFL in passing yards per game (275.1 yards per game) while the Giants rank sixth (271.6 yards per game). But, as far as total yards per game go, the Bengals have the sixth ranked offense, compared to the Giants ranking at 21st. That's largely because of how poor the Giants' run game has been, and the Bengals will need to continue making the Giants' running backs look bad to keep New York one-dimensional on offense. Considering Victor Cruz is expected to miss the game, that's increasingly important.

Interestingly, the two teams' defenses are about equal in terms of yards allowed per game. The Bengals rank 24th (378.5 yards allowed per game) while the Giants rank 23rd (371.2 yards per game). The Bengals and Giants rank similarly in points per game as well. The Bengals are averaging 20.9 points per game, good for 21st in the league and the Giants rank 25th with 20.1 points per game. The Bengals defense is allowing 23.6 points per game (18th in the league), while the Giants' defense is allowing 20.5 points per game (11th in the NFL).

With that said, it's time to make your predictions! Go Bengals!