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Support for Bengals unwavering in Cincy Jungle’s Week 11 NFL game picks

Only one staff member picked against the Bengals this week, and this time, it wasn’t Jason.

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Week 10 was another terrible week for me in our Weekly Pick’em, but at this point, that’s to be expected. And in fairness, Week 10 was a brutal week for everyone. Not only did the Bengals lose, but the Cincy Jungle staff — for the most part — had one of its worst weeks of the season when it comes to picking football games. Only Kyle (8-6) and Braden (9-5) went over .500, while three people on the staff (Rebecca, Dadio and myself) went 5-9. My own personal finish wasn’t too surprising, but Rebecca’s rough week moves her into fourth place in the standings behind my two Orange and Black Insider comrades, Anthony and Scott, as well as Braden (who is tied for first place with Anthony).

Week 11 should be interesting. With what are essentially win-or-go-home games between the Saints and Panthers, the Cardinals and Vikings, the Bills and Bengals, as well as the Dolphins and Rams, this should be an incredibly interesting week of football. The true contenders have already started separating themselves from the pretenders, but this could be the week we see a drastic difference in record between teams who are in the mix and on the wrong side of the playoff bubble.

The Browns have continued to bury me in the standings, but I’m riding them out until they finally get that win. “GPOWDAWUND,” am I right?

Rebecca noted she’s picking the Bengals this week but really thinks the Bills will win — a testament to her fandom — and Braden noted he’s picking the Rams this week because Jeff Fisher always manages to hover around .500:

Along with my Browns, Anthony (Bills) and Dadio (Bears) have made hero picks this week. The Texans, who are playing against the staff-consensus Raiders, and Ravens, who are playing against the staff-consensus Cowboys, could’ve potentially been solid hero picks for someone willing to make the risk of being wrong. I’m pretty confident one of those two teams will win this weekend.

I’m still not relevant in this pick’em, but it’s been fun regardless. And for what it’s worth, this competition is very competitive, as six staff members have at least 80 wins on the season. Hopefully the Bengals can pick up another win this week and help us all (except Anthony) try to catch up with one of the two current leaders atop the standings.