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NFL Week 11 2016: Bengals vs Bills pre-game

Home, sweet home, Not on the road again.

The season for the Bengals may seem over for some of you, but the truth is that they are still very much in the hunt to take the division, as sad as that may be for the AFC North. While the Bengals have a hard game today against the Bills, the Steelers play the Browns who have no pressure against them for the season, which makes them dangerous, and the Ravens play the Cowboys.

The Bengals have really struggled to protect Andy Dalton, while the Bills have a scary D-Line. The Bengals have an awful run defense, while the Bills have the number one rush offense in the league. Andy and A.J. Green have played phenomenal most of the season. Can their play today make the difference between a win and a loss? What are your thoughts Bengals fans?

Let the discussion begin!