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Vontaze Burfict appears to flip off fans during Bengals vs Bills game

Oh Burfict...

As if the Bengals needed more issues coming out of the massacre of a game we witnessed against the Bills, Vontaze Burfict decided to put the cherry on top of this debacle.

It came in the second half when Burfict appeared to flip off some Bills fans who ‘may’ have thrown a beer at him.

This is a terrible look for any player in any sport, but it looks even worse when this is one of your best players and a defensive leader. The latter may help explain how a Bengals team with so much potential continues to collapse in games they have no business losing.

I don’t care what that Bills fan may have said or done. You have to keep better composure than what Burfict showed there, but then again, maybe that’s just who he is and will always be.

Regardless, Burfict can expect to hear from the league offices about this. It’s hard to see him being suspended for flipping off a fan, but he’ll definitely draw a fine of some sort. The last thing the NFL needs, with all of their image issues right now, is to have one of their players flipping off fans on the sideline with the whole world watching.