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Oddsmakers say Marvin Lewis 2nd most likely coach to be fired

The oddsmakers must not know much about the Bengals’ front office and ownership.

With tensions high and teams underacheiving, has released updated odds regarding the NFL head coach who will be fired first during this season. We’ve actually come a long way into the season without a head coach getting the axe. Last season, the Dolphins fired Joe Philbin on October 5 and the Titans fired Ken Whisenhunt on November 4. In 2014, the Raiders fired head coach Dennis Allen on September 30, just weeks into the season.

As we’re heading toward the end of November, NFL teams seem to be more pleased with their coaches this season, as a whole. But, could someone still get fired before the season ends? Last year, the Eagles fired Chip Kelly before their Week 17 game against the Giants. So, anything is possible in the NFL.

Marvin Lewis’ status in Cincinnati is currently the center of significant conversation following the Bengals’ 3-6-1 start to the season as well as zero playoff wins in more than a decade with Lewis as coach. That latter part of the equation is nothing new, but the Bengals’ lackluster play this season is something Cincinnati fans haven’t seen in quite some time.

Currently, gives Lewis the second best odds (tied with Jets head coach Tood Bowles) of any head coach to be cut lose before the season ends.

First head coach fired during the 2016/17 NFL regular season:

  • Gus Bradley +160
  • Marvin Lewis +350
  • Todd Bowles +350
  • Jeff Fisher +450
  • Mike McCoy +650
  • John Fox +600
  • Chip Kelly +700
  • Mike McCarthy +1200
  • Chuck Pagano +1500
  • Rex Ryan +1500
  • Bruce Arians +1600
  • Hue Jackson +1700
  • No coach fired +2000

I find it hard to imagine Lewis will be fired during the season, considering the Bengals’ apprehension to make changes. And, if the Bengals do fire Lewis before the season ends, who could realistically take over and make the Bengals a better team right now? There needs to be a plan in place, and one that makes sense, before the Bengals go and kick Lewis to the curb mid-season. The Bengals are one of the NFL’s most loyal teams, so seeing Lewis’ contract terminated before the season ends is just too far fetched to believe, regardless of the team’s record.

But, oddsmakers seem to believe a head coach will in fact be fired before the season ends, so, who will it be?