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Poll: Did Bengals make right move returning Cedric Peerman over William Jackson?

The Bengals had to pick between a seasoned veteran and a talented rookie to return from Injured Reserve. Did they make the right call?

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The Bengals’ 2016 offseason has been one of the roughest in recent memory. In addition to all of the key players and coaches who left in the offseason, the Bengals also suffered some notable injuries before the regular season started. Two of those injuries were suffered by Cedric Peerman (broken arm), and William Jackson III (torn pectoral).

There was speculation that the injuries could end the season of either player, but as time went on it became clear that each player’s injury would heal in time for them to return at some point in the season. The Bengals placed both players on Injured Reserve, after the 53-man roster had been set, allowing them to bring back one of the two players after Week 8. On Wednesday, the Bengals made the decision that Peerman is the one who will return and Jackson III's season is officially over before it ever began. It wasn’t exactly an easy decision, but hopefully they made the right choice.

The argument for returning Peerman

Cedric Peerman is a Pro Bowl special teams captain who brings a lot more to the team than he gets credit for. He is returning to be the No. 3 running back behind Jeremy Hill and Rex Burkhead with Giovani Bernard out for the season. But, he brings an undeniable veteran presence to the team that simply cannot be substituted by another player. In a season where the Bengals are struggling to win games but still somehow have a hope and a prayer of making the playoffs, the services of the 30 year-old running back cannot be understated.

Furthermore, with the special teams unit performing poorly this season, getting their beloved captain back might help things get better in this area. It certainly has the chance to help more than bringing in an inexperienced rookie like Jackson III to try to help a Bengals team that needs more experience, not less.

The argument for returning Jackson III

The Bengals’ secondary could use a lot of help right now. Starting cornerbacks Dre Kirkpatrick and Adam Jones have struggled to put together consistent performances lately, allowing 200+ passing yards in four of their last six games. Against Kirk Cousins and the Redskins’ offense in London, they allowed 446 passing yards and two passing touchdowns alone. At this point, the Bengals could have at least given Jackson III a shot. Worst case scenario, he wouldn't perform well, and very little would change.

As we already discussed, the Bengals decided to return Peerman over Jackson III. We know the Bengals were recently leaning toward returning Jackson III before Bernard tore his ACL. But, Bernard's loss seems to be Peerman's gain. The Bengals chose experience and a skill player who they can use to add depth on offense rather than a defensive rookie who could have used the early experience to benefit the long-term outlook of his career.

Did the Bengals make the right choice?

What do you think, did the Bengals make the right call? Leave your opinions in the poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!