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Rooting for upsets in Cincy Jungle’s Week 12 NFL game picks

The Cincy Jungle staff seems split on a lot of games this week, which should make the standings interesting next week.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It’s like the Cincy Jungle staff had a crystal ball in Week 11, as everyone went .500 or better last week. Anthony came out on top this week and remains in first place after a stellar 12-2 record last weekend. Second-place Scott finished 11-3, so he’s not far behind. I’m personally bringing the Orange and Black Insider crew’s collective win percentage by a significant margin to the point where I’m questioning whether I’m even qualified to write this post — or to even watch football on TV, for that matter.

That aside, things are getting exciting in this year’s Pick’em challenge. Anthony and Scott are in the lead, but Rebecca (five games back), Braden (six games back), Jason (nine games back) and Patrick (nine games back) are still in the mix.

This week’s matchups should be interesting, as there are only two consensus picks on the week in the Dolphins and Patriots. And even those picks could come back to haunt us, as recent weeks have shown.

Thursday’s action should be exciting, with matchups between the Vikings and Lions, Redskins and Cowboys and, on Thanksgiving night, the Steelers and Colts. Facing the Colts’ backup quarterback, the Steelers are heavily favored. But the other two matchups appear as they could go either way, which should significantly influence the standings.

Two fellow suckers of my colleagues joined me in picking the Browns this week, so as always, “GPOWDAWUND!” I need that Browns win bad. Just as many people picked the Browns to beat the Giants this week as they did the Raiders to beat the Panthers. Tell me that three months ago and I tell you you’re crazy.

There were a ton of hero picks this week. I landed the Bears, Kyle went with both the Colts and Rams, while Braden landed the Cardinals and Buccaneers. The way hero picks have been going, there’s a good chance more than one of these hero picks end up coming to fruition, which could be interesting.

Which hero pick do you like the most? Are we crazy for still thinking the Bengals can beat the Ravens? Let us know in the comments below!