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Social media reactions to Bengals’ loss to Ravens and continued fall from grace

The Bengals’ losses seem to be getting more and more sad to watch.

The Bengals fell to the Ravens for the first time since November 10, 2013 and it was a game the Bengals were trailing in throughout, but still were in until the final seconds.

To end the game, the Ravens committed a slew of penalties, which by NFL rule, didn’t matter and put all zeros on the game clock, marking an end to a poor day for the Bengals.

This latest loss brings the Bengals to 3-7-1 and will almost definitely shut the door on the Bengals making it to the playoffs for a sixth straight season. This Bengals team simply doesn’t deserve to be back in the playoffs as they’re unable to beat teams that are even remotely good. The Ravens tried mightily to hand the Bengals the game, but, the Bengals refused to accept the gift. Such was the case all afternoon as Andy Dalton had a bad game with four fumbles, two lost to Ravens linebacker Elvis Dumervil. The defense allowed their opponent to score a touchdown on the opening drive for the sixth time in eight games. That was actually the only touchdown the Bengals defense allowed all afternoon. It was the Ravens’ highly reliable kicker and maybe the best player on their team, Justin Tucker, who scored the rest of the team’s points.

Imagine if the Bengals had a kicker who could be relied on to complete three field goals at a greater distance than 50 yards in one game. Ha.

Here are the social media reactions to the Bengals’ seventh loss of the season.

Just remember... It could be worse! Really, it could.