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Bengals still favored in Cincy Jungle’s NFL Week 13 game picks

Members of the staff are now reaching triple-digit win totals on the season, and things are still competitive.

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Week 12 was another huge week for the Cincy Jungle staff, as every member went above .500 for the second consecutive week. How far above .500, however, varied among the staff. As a result, Anthony — who picked 12 games correctly for the second consecutive week — extended his lead to four games over Scott, who sits in second place at 107-68. Rebecca (seven games back), Braden (eight games back), Patrick (nine games back) and Jason (10 games back) are all still within striking distance, but they’ll need to be near-perfect and hope Anthony’s hot streak comes to an end if they’re going to compete for this year’s title.

With four consensus favorites this week, it’s more than likely Anthony will be able to preserve his lead, at least for the next week or two. That said, hero picks (Kyle has the Texans and Alberto has the Bills) can certainly make a difference.

Last week, Dadio managed to finish in first place for the second time this season, going 13-3. He’ll look to build on that success, as he’ll have a chance to overtake me in wins, despite not making picks for two weeks of the season (it’s been a season to forget for me).

With no Browns game this week, I — and the few people who have been occasionally picking the Browns this season — will be saved a loss, which will certainly be refreshing. Braden, meanwhile, broke his promise that he’d pick against the Bears in every week of the season (I see you Braden). In fact, a few people are picking Chicago this week, as the Bears will be taking on the 49ers in what will most likely be a snoozer.

Two of the three primetime games resulted in consensus favorites, with the Seahawks and Colts dominating our picks. Unfortunately for our picks, that almost guarantees one of the two favorites will lose, at least per past Cincy Jungle Pick’em tradition.

Which hero pick do you think has a shot this week? Who will win the Niners-Bears matchup, which could have draft order consequences? Let us know in the comments below!