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The Orange and Black Insider, Ep. 18: Brotherly love

This week, the OBI gang debated the biggest issues with the 2016 Cincinnati Bengals and answered fan questions about Marvin Lewis, while also previewing Week 13’s game against the Eagles.

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To tank, or not to tank? That is the question among Bengals fans as the team sits at a very disappointing 3-7-1. Aside from the benefits of tanking, questions on the coaching staff and what needs to be done to the roster during the upcoming offseason are other issues bubbling to the surface.

On this week’s Orange and Black Insider, we attempt to answer some of the questions at large with the club, as well as those directly asked by our listeners. We also dissect the Bengals’ past two losses and look ahead to the Week 13 clash against the Eagles, which we affectionately coined “The Clash of the Gingers”.

One of the issues we dove into was the line play on both sides of the ball, noting some of the recent free agency and draft failures. There’s also one physical attribute the team seems to be missing, as well as an overlooked mental aspect that may be bringing a black cloud over the team.

An overarching theme among listener questions we received this week was on Marvin Lewis and his status with the team going forward. While we all agreed Lewis is likely see the rest of his contract through which runs through the 2017 season, the possibility of the team looking at other coaching options piqued our interest. Like in Connor’s great post here on the subject of coaching possibilities, he discussed the pros and cons with some of the outside options.

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