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Bengals players and media react to 24-20 loss to Steelers

The Bengals scored 20 points in the first half and then did nothing but let the Steelers take advantage of them in the second half. The result: another Steelers win at Paul Brown Stadium.

Recapping the Bengals versus Steelers Week 15 game is relatively simple. Let’s go for it.

  • Bengals’ offense comes out strong, scoring on all four of their first half drives (two touchdowns, two field goals).
  • Bengals’ defense does well at stopping the Steelers and forcing them to attempt field goals instead of score touchdowns. Chris Boswell scored three field goals before halftime.
  • Bengals go into halftime with a 20-9 lead and have people wondering what’s changed to make them look so good. It was a great effort for Cincinnati in the first half.
  • Bengals exit the locker room after halftime and completely forget how to score, play defense, keep their cool, and play with discipline.
  • Steelers take advantage of the Bengals, scoring 18 unanswered points, and win the game after shutting out the Bengals in the second half.

Did I miss anything? Maybe the poor coaching, that might not have been completely clear in the bulleted list. The reaction after the game was not positive. From the players, to the media, to the fans, everyone acknowledged the terrible second half from Cincinnati.

Dre Kirkpatrick wouldn’t apologize, Jeremy Hill continued his hate for Terrible Towels (and then claimed he was hacked), Vontaze Burfict turned down an interview request, saying, “f*** everybody”, and Dalton said, “they played better than us”.

Here’s a roundup of the player, media and fan social media reaction following the game.

This has since been deleted:

And Hill is now claiming that his account was hacked (which, we don’t believe).