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Bengals fans react to another Steelers win at Paul Brown Stadium

It’s almost like PBS is the Steelers’ home field as they’ve won the very large majority of the time they’ve traveled to Cincinnati (16-3).

The Bengals fell to the Steelers after a total second half collapse and fans are not happy. The Steelers completely own the Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium and have only lost THREE times in Cincinnati since the stadium opened. Two of those losses have come during Marvin Lewis’ 14 years in Cincinnati and the Bengals have just one win in their last eight games against the Steelers.

That’s painful to write but it’s been even more painful to watch.

Fans are sick of it and it’s a real punch in the gut after the Bengals went into halftime with firm control of the game and a sizeable lead. But, the team came out of the locker room flat and as if they forgot everything that went into them scoring 20 points in the first half.

Here’s what Bengals fans had to say following the team’s eighth loss of the season, and definitive elimination from playoff contention. The Bengals’ 2016 season will officially end on New Year’s Day against the Ravens. And, we’re left wondering if Marvin Lewis will be back in Cincinnati next season, but surely assuming he will be.