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Report: Marvin Lewis will retire at end of 2016 season

Chris Cooley of ESPN980 is claiming that Marvin Lewis’ days in Cincinnati are quite numbered.

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NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors are beginning to swirl regarding Marvin Lewis’ future with the Bengals.

After the Bengals’ first losing season since 2010, Lewis is coming under fire and many fans want him out of Cincinnati. On Sunday morning’s Cooley & Kevin show on ESPN 980, host and former Redskins player Chris Cooley suggested this will be Lewis’ last year in Cincinnati.

“From somebody I know in Cincinnati, Marvin Lewis will retire at the end of this year, slash, be asked to retire. Which is the only information I know,” Cooley said during hour two of the show (beginning at the 22 minute mark).

Cooley is also theorizing that should Lewis step down in Cincinnati, Paul Guenther could also leave to become the defensive coordinator of the Redskins, unless the Bengals want to hire him as head coach.

“Paul Guenther is one of Jay Gruden’s best friends in the world.... What do you do with your boys? Hire them,” Cooley said.

“The idea is that he’s (Marvin Lewis) been slowly packing up the office though,” Cooley claimed. “Slowly putting the pieces away so next Sunday, he can get home, have a little meeting and say see ya, I’m going to spend some time in Arizona and play some golf.”

Cooley’s sources are of course unknown and his claim doesn’t hold all too much merit as Marvin Lewis has claimed he will not quit on the Bengals. Per a Cincinnati Enquirer one-on-one interview with Lewis back in early December:

He said he will be back next year, if asked. “Coaches don’t fear being replaced,” said Lewis. He lamented the length of the offseason: “Unless the teams in front of us fall on their faces, we have to wait so long to get back to it (next year), and then it seems like (the season) just goes,” too quickly. “like it’s Saturday night all the time.”

What do you think of this latest rumor? Are you buying in that Lewis will step down by this time next week?

Update: ESPN is reporting that Lewis will return to the Bengals in 2017.