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Marvin Lewis squashes retirement talk; reiterates he’ll be back in 2017

Expect Marvin Lewis to be back with the Bengals in 2017.

Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Marvin Lewis will be back in 2017.

At least, that’s what Lewis wants everyone to believe so he can coach his final game of this season when the Bengals host the Ravens. With rumors swirling that he is considering retirement, Lewis finally came out and flat-out said he’d be back in 2017.

“I’ll be back in 2017,” Lewis told Sirius XM Radio on Thursday.

Lewis had called the rumors about his retirement, "unfortunate," and said all he was thinking about is this Sunday’s regular-season finale against the Ravens. He also said he wasn’t more adamant about saying he would be back because he didn’t want to give any credibility to the report from Washington radio host Chris Cooley.

In Lewis’ eyes, coming out and saying ‘I’m not retiring’ would have acknowledged the baseless rumor that he was retiring, and Lewis didn’t want to even give Cooley that much attention.

When asked if he had at any point considered retiring following this season, Lewis deflected the question by asking “Can we talk about the Baltimore Ravens?”

Again, until the Bengals say otherwise, expect Lewis to be coaching the Bengals in 2017. It will be interesting to see how they handle his contract next year though since he’s coming off one of his worst seasons as the Bengals’ head coach.

Sitting at 5-9-1, do the Bengals actually give him a fourth-straight one-year extension before next season to avoid the dreaded lame-duck year? He certainly hasn’t earned one based on this season, but maybe he’ll settle for a deal with little guaranteed money in that 2018 year.

We can debate all day whether Lewis deserves one more season, but he certainly doesn’t deserve any assurances beyond 2017.