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What is the biggest issue with the 2016 Bengals?

On this week’s Orange and Black Insider, the gang discussed what they felt were the top issues plaguing the Bengals in 2016.

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From a fan standpoint, the 2016 season has to be one of the most frustrating in recent memory. Given the talent on the roster and the team’s preference to keep the status quo amidst so many coaching and personnel changes this offseason, it’s hard to say that a 3-7-1 standing at this point in the season was totally unexpected.

On this week’s Orange and Black Insider, Connor Howe, Scott Schultze and I had a segment where we talked about the biggest issues plaguing the Bengals this year. While we all agreed that certain physical attributes are missing from the team, other outside factors also seem to be catching up with the team.

Scott’s stance resided in the team’s reluctance to do anything notable in outside free agency while also relying on draft picks. Unfortunately, after it seemed like the Bengals were nailing every class, once these young players are finally getting time, they aren’t living up to expectations. The three draft hauls from 2010-2012 have shaped the current roster, but hits and misses litter the last four classes.

Connor wisely preferred to focus in on the poor play of the offensive and defensive lines. Good performances by both units were two major mainstays in the team’s five consecutive playoff berths, but both have been major disappointments this year—particularly the offensive line.

I noted an all-around physical deficiency of the roster, as well as pointing to a mental aspect that appears to be hanging over the Bengals like a bad cold. Is that an indictment of Marvin Lewis and his staff for not strengthening his team emotionally and mentally to continue to have success in 2016? Have a listen and find out what I’m talking about.

What do you feel is the biggest issue with the 2016 Bengals?

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