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NFL Week 14 Power Rankings Roundup: Bengals move up in rankings

Cincinnati got back in the win column, which was enough for a decent bump up the rankings this week.

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NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals finally got back in the win column thanks to a 32-14 domination of the Eagles.

That has Cincinnati rising from bottom-feeder status in the latest round of NFL Power Rankings, though they’re still pretty low across the board. One of the biggest jumps Cincinnati made this week was at SB Nation, going from No. 20 to 16 this week.

Over at Yahoo Sports, the Bengals’ domination of the Eagles was only good enough for a one-spot bump.

Vontaze Burfict had 15 tackles (10 solo), two interceptions and four passes defended against the Eagles on Sunday. That’s why the Bengals put up with the other controversial stuff that gets so much attention.

CBS Sports bumped up the Bengals by one spot while giving us a sobering reminder of how Sunday was supposed to be what this team was from the beginning, not just toward the end of the season.

They finally played a game where they looked like the Bengals we expected to see. It just took too long.

The Bengals got a three-spot jump at up to No. 24 and proceeded to ramble on mindlessly.

The Andy Dalton we came to know over the last couple of years came to play Sunday in Cincinnati. Where has that been? The Red Rifle was simply sterling, throwing for 332 yards on only 31 pass attempts, with a pair of touchdowns passes. If you didn't catch Tyler Eifert's catch in the end zone -- raking the leaves or whatever you do to avoid potentially watching the Bengals lose painfully again -- here it is.

Because Cincy was so effective on both sides of the ball (three interceptions off Carson Wentz), maybe you shouldn't watch the Bengals this Sunday, either. Go to Pleasant Ridge Chili for gravy cheese fries, or Arcade Legacy for some "Centipede." Take the girl you met swiping wildly on Bumble to Cooper's Hawk for apps and laughs. OK, I'm done. Nice win.

OK then.

USA Today bumped Cincinnati up to No. 24 and seemed to finally realize that Andy Dalton is a good quarterback, with or without A.J. Green.

After watching what Matthew Stafford has done in 2016, maybe it shouldn't be shocking that Andy Dalton's best game came without A.J. Green?

And, ESPN bumped Cincinnati up to No. 24 in this week’s ranking.

The Bengals had lost three straight games while allowing 18.9 points per game, but a 32-point effort Sunday got Cincinnati back in the win column for the first time since Week 7. The Browns are next on the schedule for the visiting Bengals in Week 14.

If you average out all of these, the Bengals come in with a 22.8 average power ranking. Considering they got four picks for No. 24, that seems fair. Will we see another strong performance again is the real question, because we certainly haven’t seen what we saw on Sunday against the Eagles nearly enough this season.

Elsewhere in the AFC North, the 0-12 Browns remain the NFL’s worst teams. This is also who the Bengals face next Sunday in Cleveland. Looking at the rest of the Browns’ remaining games, this may be their best chance to avoid going 0-16, even if it’s a small chance.

The 7-5 Steelers remain the top team in the AFC North thanks to their big win over the Giants. Pittsburgh is barely holding off Baltimore for the top spot across the power rankings, even though the 7-5 Ravens actually lead the division right now. But, with a more challenging schedule down the stretch, the Steelers are likely to win the division.