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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Hues of success

The OBI gang looks at a number of issues this week, while also recapping the win against the Eagles and previewing the upcoming matchup against the Browns.

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NFL: Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time in six weeks, we were able to talk about a Bengals win on The Orange and Black Insider. It was a refreshing change for us, as it undoubtedly was for the players, but there were still a couple of big issues from the team.

One issue is the future of the offensive tackle position, given Paul Alexander’s shuffling of the line and his experimentation of Jake Fisher at multiple positions. Should the Bengals look to the future with Cedric Ogbuehi and Fisher, or should they use Andrew Whitworth as a familiar veteran band-aid in 2017?

Also, with the Bengals snagging their fourth win of the season, more questions about their future come with their record. Obviously, there is a slim chance the team secures yet the division title, but with that probability being very low, should the team think about tanking for the rest of 2016 to get a high pick next year?

Tanking isn’t the best idea, for a variety of reasons, but there are caveats. If Marvin Lewis isn’t going to be the coach of the team past this year and if the team isn’t going to win the division, why should they win six or seven games just to get mediocre draft position?

We also looked back at the win against the Eagles and look ahead to the sneaky-tough matchup against the Browns in Week 14.

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