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Bengals heavy favorite in Cincy Jungle’s Week 14 NFL picks

Only Anthony, who leads the standings in our yearly pick’em contest, picked the Browns this week. Could that spell doom for the Bengals?

Philadelphia Eagles v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Cincy Jungle staff continues to dominate in picks, as it has now been three straight weeks in which every member of the team finished with a record of .500 or better. But despite this, Anthony is still running away with the lead. Only yours truly — I’m still 22 games back on the picks leader — managed to pick up a single game on AC, who has been nothing short of spectacular in his picks over the past month. Scott (five games back), Braden (eight games back) Jason (10 games back), Patrick (10 games back) and Rebecca (10 games back) are still in the mix, but Anthony has a strong grip on the standings as of now.

Aiming to follow up on my first week atop the standings (well, at least the first time I haven’t been joined by anyone in first place), I’ve taken the strategy of picking every home team except the Browns in this week’s upcoming matchups. I figure if I’m trying to make a comeback, I’ve got to think outside the box.

Here’s the standings and our picks for this week. Exclusively picking home teams has landed me three hero picks in the Jaguars, Eagles and Rams, none of which I’m confident about in the slightest (that is, unless they win — then I knew it all along). Anthony (Browns) and Kyle (Texans) also landed hero picks.

Picks aside, this week looks like a fun one. The Thursday night matchup between the Raiders and Chiefs could be a slugfest, and the other primetime games — between the Cowboys and Giants, as well as the Ravens and Patriots — could be awesome matchups. Even games like those between the Broncos and Titans, Steelers and Bills and Seahawks and Packers, as well as the Saints-Buccaneers matchup, could easily go either way.

Who do you like in these matchups? Do you think anyone has a chance of catching Anthony? And is Anthony crazy for picking the Browns? Let us know in the comments below!