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NFL Week 14 2016: Thursday Night Football

Possibly the best match-up we will see on TNF this season. A battle of the AFC West.

The Chiefs take on the Raiders at 8:25 p.m. ET in Kansas City, Missouri at Arrowhead Stadium.

The AFC West is stacked this year, much like we are used to seeing in the AFC North. One particular team that we are not used to being so good is the Raiders and this season they are really good. The Chiefs are not far behind and have in fact beaten the Raiders once already this season. The question begs then of who will come out on top tonight to boast as first place in the division? Will the high powered offense, anchored by arguably the best offensive line in the NFL, be able to put up a bunch of points again as they have week after week or will the Chiefs have something to counter it?

One of the biggest stories for the Chiefs the last several weeks is the emergence of rookie WR Tyreek Hill and his big play-making ability. All in all, there is lots to talk about for this game, whether it pertains to how good QB Derek Carr has been, the dynamic duo of WR Amari Cooper and WR Michael Crabtree, or the defense of the Chiefs that can put pressure on the QB, stop the run, and contain receivers all game. So, let’s get to it.

Let the discussion begin!