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Chad Johnson talks advocating against domestic violence and soaking ankle in teammates' urine

Wait, what?!?

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Former Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson is making the rounds at ESPN today, and he had some very interesting topics to discuss.

The Queen City great is now advocating against domestic violence after having his own incident in that regard. Back in 2012 while a member of the Miami Dolphins, Johnson was released following a domestic violence arrest where he was accused of headbutting his wife. That would be the last time Johnson sniffed the NFL before a brief stint in the CFL, which also didn't work out. Since then, he's embarked on changing his life and writing his wrongs.

During his appearance on ESPN, Johnson stressed how he's hoping for a second chance, but not in the NFL. Instead, he wants a second chance to have a prominent job working in sports broadcasting. Chad now works for ESPN Deportes, but he stressed his desire for a full-time role with a sports network like ESPN, in hopes of being around sports 24/7 while also using the platform to speak out against domestic violence.

It was a feel-good moment seeing Johnson like that...but it was a little awkward and weird when he revealed earlier in the day one of the healing techniques he used during his NFL career.

This morning, Johnson guest hosted ESPN's Mike and Mike radio show, during which, he revealed he had a unique method for dealing with a sprained ankle. It involved asking teammates for their urine, with which he would soak his injured ankle.

"If I had my ankle sprained I'd collect warm urine from my teammates, heat it up, and put my ankle in it for 30 minutes."

It also sounds legit based on Johnson making this claim on Twitter multiple times in the past year.

It's good to see Johnson back in the sports world, even if it isn't on the playing field. After Johnson was drafted by the Bengals in the second round of the 2001 NFL Draft, he played for them for 10 seasons before being traded to the Patriots and later signing with the Dolphins.

During his career, Johnson had 751 catches for 10,783 yards (14.4 ypc) with 66 touchdowns and owns seven Bengals franchise receiving records. He is also a six-time NFL Pro Bowler and was named to three NFL All-Pro teams. It's hard to see him getting into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but he'll definitely be on the ballot and in contention for a spot there in the coming years.

For now, we hopefully get to see Chad find happiness and get that job in sports he desires. He's too colorful and exuberant to not have a prominent role with some kind of sports network or even team.