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Marvin Jones denies claim he is seeking $7 million per year

Marvin Jones clearly isn't happy with reports that surfaced about him last week.

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Last week, reports emerged from the Cincinnati Enquirer regarding how much money Marvin Jones will be seeking in free agency. The Bengals wide receiver is one of 15 Bengals set to hit the open market on March 9, should they not receive contract extensions before then.

This news quickly spread around with countless stories popping up regarding the report; here's what the Enquirer's story, the first on the topic, said.

League sources indicate Jones is seeking nearly $7 million per season, or slightly more than Golden Tate's 5-year, $31 million deal in Detroit in 2014.

During a boring start to the offseason, this quickly became the talk of Bengals fans, including us here at Cincy Jungle. It sparked discussions of whether the Bengals could afford that price tag or if Jones was even worth such a high billing.

Less than a week later, it's become clear that Jones isn't happy about these reports. Early on Tuesday morning, Jones took to Twitter to voice his displeasure and state that he has no connection with those "league sources".

Teammate Marquis Flowers followed that up less than 10 minutes later with this Tweet:

In response, the writer of the Enquirer article has since sent out this Tweet:

So, for what it's worth, Jones is denying that he wants $7 million per year, or at least denying that he or his team want you to think he wants $7 million per year.