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Colin Cowherd wrongly slams Andy Dalton and a Bengals fan

We know Cowherd despises Dalton, and he reminded us all of that while also making fun of a Bengals fan who called in to support his quarterback.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Colin Cowherd is at it again, expressing his hate of Andy Dalton.

No matter what the Bengals quarterback does, Dalton can't seem to get the FOX Sports radio host off of his back, even though Cowherd previously said he was done hating on Dalton. He's gone back on that claim multiple times, including when he wouldn't give Dalton any credit for the Bengals' undefeated start to the 2015 season.

Now, Cowherd is back to making fun of Dalton after a Bengals fan called into Cowherd's show to express support for Dalton and how he took over a franchise in disarray, predicted by some to go 0-16 in 2011. At one point, Cowherd said Dalton was just a guy who won a bunch of regular-season games and is the worst primetime quarterback in the league.

If you watch the video, Cowherd hangs up on the Bengals fan after he mentions the Bengals were picked to go 0-16 in 2011. "No, no, no, 3, 2, 1, buh bye... Nobody has ever been picked to go 0-16. You're just local boob who calls a radio show locally and can get away with that. They were never picked to go 0-16"

I'm actually going to defend the Bengals fan on his claim of the Bengals being picked to go 0-16 in 2011. I do remember a few talking heads that year talking about the Bengals going 0-16, including then-fellow ESPN columnist Rick Reilly. The Bengals were a complete mess that offseason, so much that the 0-16 talk was not something made up and was a very real discussion among respected sports figures.

That Bengals fan was absolutely spot on with his claim, but Cowherd wanted to hear none of it. As bad as he made that fan look, Cowherd should apologize for it, but he probably won't knowing him. We've sent him a Tweet encouraging an apology be issued. That's highly unlikely to happen, but hopefully Cowherd will at least see he was wrong.

As for Cowherd's hating on Dalton, he couldn't be more wrong about Dalton when it comes to this season. In three primetime games in 2015, Dalton completed 65 of 104 passes (62.5%) with five touchdowns and one interception. Two of those games came against Houston's third-ranked overall defense and at Arizona against their fifth-ranked defense. Both of those teams also went to the playoffs, and Arizona ended up with the NFL's second-best record.

So yeah, Dalton did pretty well in primetime this past season. Cowherd needs to do his homework better before he decides to talk about Dalton again.