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NFL Salary Cap 2016: Bengals have $7.5 million of carryover money

It was a wise move by the Bengals to leave a lot of carryover cap space in 2015 with impending free agents like George Iloka, Marvin Jones and Reggie Nelson needing to be re-signed in 2016.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

It won't be long until NFL free agency begins, and the Cincinnati Bengals will once again have plenty of money to spend.

Once again, the Bengals are among the NFL leaders in carryover cap space, coming in with $7,587,902 that will now be part of their 2016 cap space, the NFLPA announced today. The leftover cap space a team has after the previous league year ends is called carryover cap and that money is later applied to the following league year.

Every NFL team elected to carry over unused salary cap space from 2015. The smallest carryover amount is $11,587 by the Seattle Seahawks, and the largest is $32,774,928 by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Though the new salary cap has yet to be set, Over The Cap projects the Bengals will have around $38 million for this offseason. They've factored in projected carryover numbers, though it's unclear if their expectation is the exact amount the NFLPA just announced.

Only eight NFL teams have more carryover space than the Bengals. There's no question they'll need every bit of it with impending free agents like George Iloka, Marvin Jones and Reggie Nelson and Adam Jones needing to be re-signed.

In all, the total carryover amount from 2015 is $203,963,112, putting the average carryover per team at $6.4 million. Once the 2016 salary cap is set, the carryover amount and other adjustments from the 2015 season will be combined for each team's official salary cap for 2016. Here's the carryover amounts for all 32 teams:


Carryover Amount

Arizona Cardinals


Atlanta Falcons


Baltimore Ravens


Buffalo Bills


Carolina Panthers


Chicago Bears


Cincinnati Bengals


Cleveland Browns


Dallas Cowboys


Denver Broncos


Detroit Lions


Green Bay Packers


Houston Texans


Indianapolis Colts


Jacksonville Jaguars


Kansas City Chiefs


Los Angeles Rams


Miami Dolphins


Minnesota Vikings


New England Patriots


New Orleans Saints


New York Giants


New York Jets


Oakland Raiders


Philadelphia Eagles


Pittsburgh Steelers


San Diego Chargers


San Francisco 49ers


Seattle Seahawks


Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Tennessee Titans


Washington Redskins